Topics & Speakers


We are building a stimulating program to reflect the most recent advances in ultrafast optical science and technology. The conference topics include:

• Generation of ultrashort optical pulses from lasers
• Parametric oscillators and amplifiers of ultrashort pulses
• Ultrahigh peak-power laser systems and related technologies
• High average power ultrafast lasers
• High harmonic and attosecond pulse generation technology and science
• Novel methods for shaping and measuring ultrashort pulses
• Few-cycle pulses, carrier-envelope phase control
• Coherent beam combining and pulse synthesis
• Ultrashort x-ray pulses; generation, characterization, and synchronization of XFELs
• Ultrafast laser applications that drive technology advancements and innovation


Keynote Speakers

Gérard Mourou, École Polytechnique & University of Michigan
Ferenc Krausz, Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
Louis DiMauro, The Ohio State University

Short Courses

Ultrafast Coherent Mid-IR Pulses: Generation and Applications
Konstantin Vodopyanov, University of Central Florida (USA)

Imaging with Laser-generated Ultrashort X-ray Pulses
David Neely, STFC/RAL/CLF (United Kingdom)

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Sergio Carbajo, Stanford University (USA)
Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie, Synchrotron SOLEIL (France)
Marc Hanna, CNRS – Institut d’Optique (France)
Michael Hemmer, JILA (USA)
Heung-Sik Kang, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (Korea)
Abijith Kowlighy, National Institute for Standards and Technology (USA)
Amber Krummel, Colorado State University (USA)
Philippe Lassonde, INRS (Canada)
Zhaoyang Li, Osaka University (Japan)
Aline Mayer, University of Vienna (Austria)
Howard Milchberg, University of Maryland (USA)
Christopher Phillips, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
Jie Qiao, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)
Christophe Simon Boisson, Thales (France)
Catherine Teisset, Trumpf (Germany)
Björn Wedel, Photonic Tools GmbH (Germany)